Personal photo exhibition – Yabusame

I’m happy to announce that Thursday 11th December, I’ll inaugurate my first personal photo exhibition about Japan.

This special event will take place in Rome city centre at Sabatini store, that’s one of the main points of reference for professional and amateur photographers of the capital. It’s located in Via Germanico 168/A (see the map below), the opening will be at 17:30 and you’ll be able to see my works in the reserved space for an entire month.
The theme of the personal photo exhibition will be the “Yabusame”, that is the japanese ancient discipline of horse mounted archery: the 12 shots will show the progress of an annual historical performance that took place near Osaka.

This is a free entrance event, and I’ll be happy to meet you and share with you this experience.
If you are already following me on Google+ you’ll surely know that I’m in Japan. One of the reasons is to print the photographs that you’ll see from December 11th: the fine-art prints (Giclée technique on original japanese wagashi paper) are being processed by a laboratory in Kyoto, renowned for the high quality standards that keeps to, and I’ll personally bring them back to Italy by hand. I count to show you something special 😉

For more informations about the location and the opening, have a look at the map below and at the flyer on top of the page.
If you can’t be present at the exhibition, don’t worry because on this blog and on Google+ I’ll post the 12 shots and the report of the event as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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  1. Piotr says:

    Thanks for this event.

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