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I’m happy to announce that I’ve been featured in Dodho Magazine. The last month Màximo Panés, the founder and director of Dodho.com, sent me an email in which he expressed his interest in my works and asked me if it was ok to publish my profile on the magazine.

I’ve obviously accepted with pleasure and a couple of days ago the article went online!

If you’re interested in reading the complete article about my background, my present and future projects, with a selection of 30 of my best shots, just click HERE.

Dodho.com is an independent magazine born in 2013 that features the best of contemporary photography and represents a great showcase for established and emerging artists from all over the world. I recommend you to bookmark the site and discover every week many interesting profiles, it’s a great source of inspiration.

About Claudio Beffa

I'm an Italian photographer and designer with a great passion for the discovery of amazing places and their history and soul. With phoclab.com, I'll tell you every step of my journey and I'll show you my best travel & landscape shots.

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