From the ancient and mystical temples to the colorful and engaging festivals, passing by the magnificent castles and the enchanting gardens, Traditional Japan is a timetravel in a land with a rich culture and a strong identity.


Japan is a country famous for the densely populated and modern cities, but more than 70% of its territory is composed by wild elements such as high mountain ranges and almost impenetrable forests. This gallery is a glance at the great and beautiful natural side of Japan.


If I talk to you of a place whose megalopolises are made of crazy tall skyscrapers, between which you can sometimes bump into a giant robot, a place in which among the millions of people who walk in the streets you can easily see some strange super-colored figures that seem to be popped out of a movie or a cartoon, what name comes to your mind? Japan, naturally!


Italy is the world’s symbol of classical beauty, thanks to its ancient history and the almost countless number of artistic treasures that it left to us. The cities themselves, as well as the many medieval burgs, are pieces of art in their architecture and, often, they reveal a unique bond with the natural surroundings. This gallery is an exploration of the known and unknown elements that make Italy such a precious gem.


High mountains, misty forests, rolling hills, heavenly coastlines: nature in Italy is so breathtaking and multiformed that an entire life isn’t enough to discover it all. In this gallery you’ll find my little contribution to celebrate the beauty of nature in Italy.
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