Darwin enlightenment

In this second post of the category “Behind the shot”, I want to describe what led me to shoot the photo “Darwin enlightenment”. In Semptember 2011 I spent some days in London and, in the short time I had available, I tried to view as many things as possibile. In my “Classic tourist” trip I’ve included the Natural History Museum, in Kensington.

The last guardian of Moni Arkadi

In this article I want to comment one of the photos of the gallery and tell the story behind it. It’s “Arkadi Monastery” or “Moni Arkadi”.

The picture was shot in July 2008, during a trip in the beautiful Greece and it depicts a view of the 16th century’s church, “guarded” by an old woman, surely a widow (judging from the black dress) who bring with her the signs of a long and hard life: the amputated arm make me think about a tragic event. I wanted to take that woman as an icon of the fatal events that took place in this monastery/fortress during the second half of 1800: a sort of last guardian of Cretan resistance.

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