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You can buy my works in multiple ways.


I’m entrusting the delicate work of printing to the best laboratory available which uses a selection of the highest quality papers, canvases and inks to achieve the most amazing results. This after having carefully checked the consistency and accuracy of color tones. So you’ll receive at home a top quality fine art print.
You can choose between different printing techniques and materials, as listed and explained below:

    • Print on Hahnemuhle Photo Luster photographic paper: this semi-gloss paper with micro-porous coating with a grammage of 260gm2 features a long lasting and brilliant result, superior to the standard inkjet photo print. The available sizes range from 15x20cm up to 60x90cm. It’s the entry level option between the available chioces.

    • Giclée Fine Art on photographic paper: Giclée is an extremely advanced printing technique that guarantees so high quality results that is used to create perfect reproductions of paintings to be exhibited in museums. This quality is achieved through the use of microscopic drops of pigments on many layers. The available supports for this prints are the Hahnemuhle Photo Matt with a grammage of 200gm2, characterised by a warm tone and a smooth surface, or the Canson Photo Satin Premium acid-free art paper with a grammage of 270gm2. The available sizes range from 20x30cm up to 80x110cm.

    • Giclée Fine Art on baryta paper: this is the same Giclée printing process illustrated above, but in this case it’s used on a special heavier support, the Harman Gloss Baryta, a 100% alpha-cellulose glossy paper with a multi layer coating, by Hahnemuhle, with a grammage of 320gm2. The available sizes range from 20x30cm up to 80x110cm.

    • Giclée Fine Art on cotton paper: the Giclée printing technique here is applied on a selection of cotton fibre papers: the Hahnemuhle Photo Rag, a smooth surfaced paper with a grammage of 308gm2, or the Ultrasmooth 305gm2 paper with a super bright white point. Two more options are the William Turner 310gm2 mould made watercolor matte paper with a beautiful texture, or the Satin 310gm2 glossy high performance paper. The last two special supports are the Hahnemuhle Canvas Daguerre, a 310gm2 heavy poly-cotton canvas with a bright white point and the Canson Platine Fibre Rag a 310gm2 microporous coated, beautifully performing paper, which has a pure white point without the use of optical brighteners. The available sizes range from 20x30cm up to 80x110cm.

PLEASE NOTE that the last two Giclée Fine Art printing options (on Baryta paper and on Canvases) are meant for super high quality, archival and limited edition purposes; the production costs will be inevitably higher (especially in the Canvases case).


    • OverGLOP: this is a special GLoss OPtimizer that has various effects on the print; firtsly it evens out the reflectivity (glossiness) on the whole surface of the print, while improving the color density and widening a bit the gamut of the darker areas. Secondly, but not less important, the GLOP strongly mitigate the color fading of the pigments over time if the print is exhibited (and therefore exposed to atmosphere’s gases as ozone).

    • Carbon Black Pigment for Black & White Fine Art prints: the use of carbon pigments has a strong impact on the “materic feeling” of the print because of the high density and smooth, fine grained structure, making the image an almost tactile threedimensional experience. The pure carbon pigment has a warm tone similar, but way less pronounced, to the sepia, but it’s possibile to neutralize the dominant and make it true black & white. One more peculiarity of this kind of pigment is the extended longevity, making the Fine Art print a “generations lasting” object.


The Fine Art prints can be mounted on many supports, such as Aluminum, Plexiglass, Dibond, PVC or they can be enclosed in a variety of handcrafted frames with different finishings and thickness.


To buy a Fine Art print please enquire by mailing me at or using the contact form, listing the desired artwork, the printing technique, the size, the paper type, the eventual premium options and mounting/framing service, attaching your phisical address, in order to make me compile an estimate.

Please note that the phisical location of the laboratory is in Italy, so the shipping costs may vary heavily depending on the destination, besides the print’s size and weight; inside Europe they will be obviously much cheaper. Anyway, for overseas orders I’m investigating for a printing laboratory based in America that can guarantee the same quality level and variety of choices, so that you can buy saving on shipping costs.



Besides the fine art printing buy service, I also manage the licensing of my photos: using fotoQuote Pro 6 by Cradoc software, the world’s industry standard system for pricing photography, I can draw up the license in a professional, fair and reliable way. No matter if you need a usage license for magazine, advertising or other categories of product, in the digital or paper format (or both of them), you can count on a prompt and trustworthy feedback.

Please enquire by mailing me at or using the contact form

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