Welcome to the new phoclab.com

Welcome to the new phoclab.com!

At a year and a half since the birth of the site, I decided to start a radical transformation process, both in its aesthetic and in its functional characteristics. The old version was too static and it was affected by some little interface problems. In this upgrade I tried to give to the site a more modern and captivating look, to make it more dynamic and to turn it also in a mean of personal experiences sharing, through the “photoblog” section.

Speaking about sharing, the photoblog feature will soon be integrated with the most popular social networks links and functionalities, in order to give to the site a better visibility and to simplify its consultation to whom wants to take part in my “journey into photography”.

Another important aspect will be the multilingual publishing of all the contents, so that my site will be understandable to all anglophone readers. It will slow down a little the publishing process, but I desire to involve in my project as many people as I can.

Going deeper into details, the “Gallery/Portfolio” page can display all the photos of the site, or just those pertaining to a certain category by clicking on the category name. In any case, clicking on a photo will make it viewable at full screen, automatically starting up the slideshow of that specific category.

The Photoblog section will be easy to consult: the main page will show the preview of all the articles (sorted by date) and through the right frame it’ll be possible to reach the most popular posts in a single click. The latest comments, the archives and the categories will be diplayed in the same frame, as the social applets. Anybody can comment an article by clicking on the form “leave a comment” at the end of the article itself.

Inside the “My gear” section it will be possible to consult the descriptions of all my equipment, completed by technical specification, my usage impressions and links.

Through the “About me” and “Contacts” pages you’ll read some informations about my background and you can send messages to me just by using the form. In the contact page I’ll add all my social links, which are also visible in the footer at any time.

Hoping that you’ll appreciate my works and my new site, I want to close this first article wishing to you a joyful 2013 (…just in time…).

Claudio Beffa

About Claudio Beffa

I'm an Italian photographer and designer with a great passion for the discovery of amazing places and their history and soul. With phoclab.com, I'll tell you every step of my journey and I'll show you my best travel & landscape shots.

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