This is the Oval fountain, called by me the “Queen of the fountains” because is one of the firsts of the garden of Villa d’Este and because of its unique characteristics.

The main traits of the fountain are a giant oval basin, behind which the beautiful Grotto of Venus follows the shape of the fountain creating a magical path that looks to the outside through many arches covered with vibrant green creeping plants.

Above the main basin there’s another one that cascades water and looks at the same time like a pedestal for the central statue of Sibyl Albunesa. At the sides of that imposing statue another walkway, as a balcony, provides a raised view on part of the garden.

When I had the chance to visit Villa d’Este during a nighttime light-up, the beauty of the “Queen of the fountains” was emphasized by the lights and the colors of the water jets and of the plants were amazingly vibrant.

EXIF: Pentax K-3 + smc DA 15mm F4 Limited – 15mm – 25s – f/7.1 – ISO100

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