The Water Nymph is one of the many encounters you can have in the garden of Villa d’Este, in Tivoli.

Being part of a bigger fountain, this figure catches the eyes as you walk closer: her gentle face sticks out of a wall of creeper plants, smiling to you. Holding an amphora that’s completely hidden by the leaves, the nymph pours a stream of fresh water inside the main basin of the fountain, keeping it full and nourishing your spirit at the same time with a sense of peace and harmony with nature. Lingering a minute on this statue makes you feel like you’re in a forest and you’ve came upon a sylvan for real: everything is so immersive, peaceful and intimate at the same time.

The Water nymph is just one of the many encounters you can have in the wondrous garden of Villa d’Este: be prepared to meet many creatures, like owls, tritons, nereids, pegasi and even the mythical figures of Romulus and Remus.

EXIF: Pentax K-3 + smc D-FA 100mm F2.8 Macro WR – 100mm – 10s – f/5 – ISO100

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