Placid brook: a beautiful hidden corner in the Momijidani Park, Miyajima, Hiroshima, Japan

The beautiful Momijidani Park, in Miyajima, can hold you some surprises if you look for them. I decided to follow a small path that didn’t seem to lead anywhere; at the very end of this deviation from the main walk, I’ve found an enchanting little waterfall, immersed in the forest. The rivulet of water was feeding the calm brook, bringing with it the fallen leaves and reflecting the warm colors of autumn.

Camera: Pentax K-3
Lens: SMC DA* 50-135mm F2.8 ED [IF] SDM
Focal lenght: 50mm
Shutter time: 1s
Aperture: F/8
Sensitivity: ISO100

You can read the complete article about the Momijidani Park of Miyajima at the following link:

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