This is the last shot I took in Japan before taking off to Italy, the Kansai International Airport. It’s the ceiling of the Terminal 1 and its geometries are awesome. Did you know that this airport has been designed by the italian architect Renzo Piano and the japanese Noriaki Okabe? It has the shape of an aerofoil to ventilate the inner volume of the giant terminal and I couldn’t refrain to capture this architectonic wonder.

EXIF: Pentax K-3 + smc DA 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 ED AL IF DC WR – 24mm – 1/100s – f/4.5 – ISO400

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Castle nightscape

A view of the castle of Osaka at night. I looked for this vantage point for quite a while, checking on the maps the right alignment and distance. My purpose was to show the contrast between the classical shape of the castle (which anyway is a modern reconstruction of the ancient one) and the modern look of the skyscrapers. In Japan is easy to find this kind of “fusion” of past and future, of classic and modernity; sometimes this is unpleasant, for the presence of industrial areas or ugly buildings, but in this occasion I think to have found a cool view.
Unfortunately in this occasion too, I found some difficulty in taking this photo, because the security requisitioned my tripod, so I had to find a stable horizontal surface to shoot from. After some contorsions I managed to take three long exposures that I blended together to obtain this image.

EXIF: Pentax K-5 + smc D FA Macro 100mm f/2.8 WR – 100mm – 13s – f/9 – ISO80

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Sunset on the city

In the end of January 2014, I went to the Umeda’s Hankyu Grand Building to take some shots of the Osaka skyline. Right after the sunset, a majestic sight appeared to my eyes: deep tones of red and yellow were filling up the sky and, below the silhouettes of the mountains, while the darkness was falling, the tiny lights of the city were starting to shine. Those colors and lights reflected on the calm water of the river Yodo, created an amazing atmosphere. Unfortunately, after a few minutes of shooting, a man of the Hankyu security kindly intimated me to leave the building because taking photos was not admitted… Luckily I’ve already managed to take the shots I wished. It seems that in Japan is prohibited to take photos with a tripod inside many public places, but until the security doesn’t come to stop you, it’s not a problem. The important thing is to be kind and respectful.

EXIF: Pentax K-5 + smc D FA Macro 100mm f/2.8 WR – 100mm – 8s – f/9 – ISO80

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RX-78-2 Gundam

In the center of Dai-San Daiba (namely Battery N°3), the giant RX-78-2 Mobile Suit Gundam stands watchful, defending Japan from the new menaces. Being in the presence of the full scaled model is an amazing experience: every detail has been reproduced with maniacal precision and every enthusiast of the anime literaly drools when the Gundam’s eyes shines in the dark and clouds of vapor steams out from the vent grids.

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Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills, in Tokyo , is well known for the modernity of the complex (it’s a 4 billion dollars project), the exclusivity of the Grand Hyatt Tokyo 5 stars hotel, and for the presence of the Mori Art Museum. It’s also one of the favourite places to shoot landscapes of the city, thanks to the Tokyo City View.

The symbol of this complex is the Mori Tower, a 238m high skyscraper with a cool geometry. I found an interesting view from the building below it that I used to enhance the perspective, aligning the straight lines and framing them into the curved ones.

This is an HDR tone mapping of three shots with a difference of 4 stops.

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Inside the starship

During a walk in the Diver City of Odaiba (Tokyo) looking up in the central hall made me feel like I was in the heart of a giant starship: everything was modern and high tech and the essential lines which gave shape to that space reminded me a robotic eye who monitors the activity of the starship’s crew.

I captured this image with the Pentax 15mm Limited lens, that has the peculiarity of creating gorgeous starbursts from f/5.6 onwards. This emphasized the “spaceship” effect. In post processing I boosted up the lights to make stronger the feeling of asepticity of the ship and to highlight the presence of the big robotic eye.

EXIF: Pentax K-5 + smc DA 15mm F4 ED AL Limited – 15mm – 1/40 – f/7.1 – ISO200

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Namba landscape by night

This is a view of Namba from the 22nd floor of the Nankai Swiss Hotel, in Osaka.
The Hanshin Expressway Route Loop runs near the Namba Parks Skyscrapers and the Namba Gardens. Far in the background on the left is possible to see the bright Tsutenkaku Tower, one of the most famous landmarks of Osaka.

EXIF: Pentax K-5 + smc DA 15 mm f/4 ED AL Limited – 15mm – 6s – f/8 – ISO80

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A-Bomb Dome

Genbaku Domu, or A-Bomb Dome, part of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. To not forget.

EXIF: Pentax K-5 + smc A 50 mm f/1,2 – 50mm – 15s – ISO100

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Bridges on the Yodogawa

A view of the bridges crossing the Osaka’s Yodo River, from the Umeda Skybuilding skyscraper.

EXIF: Pentax K-5 + smc K 200mm f/4 – 200mm – 6s – f/8 – ISO80

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Walking on the platform

An elegant woman wearing a komon, a traditional kimono, is walking on the platform in a sunny spring day.

EXIF: Pentax K-5 + D-FA 100 mm f/2,8 Macro WR – 100mm – 1/125 – f/6.3 – ISO200.

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