One of the challenging Yabusame archers hits the target, mantaining a perfect posture on his horse.

The arrow with the V-shaped prong strikes loudly the wooden target, splitting it in two halves. This is the second hit; if the archer will hit the third target, placed at a distance of 70 meters, he will accomplish his challenge, obtaining honour and respect and will please the gods.

Camera: Pentax K-3
Lens: Pentax SMC DA 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 ED AL IF DC WR
Focal lenght: 115mm
Shutter time: 1/1000 s
Aperture: F/5.6
Sensitivity: ISO200


This shot belongs to the award-winning series in the PX3 Prix de la photographie 2014 edition: “Yabusame” – Bronze medal – Category Press/Performing arts


You can find the full blog post about the japanese traditional horse mounted archery at the following page: Yabusame, the japanese horse mounted archery


EXIF: Pentax K-3 + smc DA 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 ED AL IF DC WR – 115mm – 1/1000s – f/5.6 – ISO200

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