During an historical reenactment held in Kyoto, many traditional figures, wearing faithful reproductions of original dresses, paraded before the public. This is a photo of an Oiran, that is a courtesan of the Edo Period; specifically, the role of the Oiran was a mix of entertainer and prostitute: they were classy women and talented in singing, dancing, playing instruments like the shamisen and they were always dressed with luxurious garments. Being “high class entertainers”, they were very expensive to hire, to the point that only the aristocrats and the wealthiest people could afford their company.

Camera: Pentax K-3
Lens: SMC DA* 50-135mm F2.8 ED [IF] SDM
Focal lenght: 50mm
Shutter time: 1/250 s
Aperture: F/2.8
Sensitivity: ISO200


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