Meoto Iwa, the wedded rocks, Japan

It’s May. My journey of discovery of Japan’s natural and spiritual treasures brings me in a place of great importance, both in the meaning and in the scenic way: Futami, Mie prefecture. This is a beloved place for Japanese people, because of the important significance: the two rocks symbolize the gods Izanagi and Izanami and the bond between them through the Shimenawa, the sacred rope. They are the creators of Japan and the father and mother of all divinities.
From all over Japan, many couples come in this place to witness the enchanting beauty of sunrise between the Meoto Iwa and to pray the gods to bless their marriage. I’m very happy for having managed to capture this moment and to contemplate this wonder with my sweet Sara, hoping that Izanagi and Izanami could bless us too.

This image is the result of the manual blending of two shots: the main one is a 108s exposure, while from a longer exposed frame I’ve taken the darker details of the rocks. I took this shot with my K-3, the flagship D-SLR by Pentax (if you don’t consider the medium format behemoth 645z) using the smc K 30mm F2.8, an ultra rare lens back from the 80’s: during the film era it was a wide angle lens, but now on a crop sensor camera becomes a perfect normal.

EXIF: Pentax K-3 + smc K 30mm f/2.8 – 30mm – 108s – f/11 – ISO100

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