Penetrating into the bamboo forest by night is a suggestive experience: the atmosphere is still and quiet, there is no wind; all you can see outside the path is an incredible number of thickly growing wooden stalks which stretch vertically, slightly bending while reaching the sky. In this aura of tranquillity and lightness you feel like a tiny ant walking between the feet of a giant green creature: and, looking upward, that sensation becomes true, because two big and dark eyes are looking at you! Don’t be scared, if you love nature and admire all its amazing forms, the green creature will be your friend.

I took this shot with the widest lens I have, the Pentax smc DA 15mm F4 ED AL Limited, pointing the camera almost vertically: it’s been quite an hard excercise of stretching, because my tripod is rather uncomfortable in this kind of situations and I had to find a difficult position of precarious balance.

EXIF: Pentax K-5 + smc DA 15mm F4 ED AL Limited – 15mm – 4s – f/8 – ISO200

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