Emerging from the dream

“Emerging from the dream”. Mangiabarche (“Boat-eater”) lighthouse, Sant’Antioco island, southwestern Sardinia. The purpose of this photograph is to create a “dreamlike condition” by altering reality. To turn the image of the lighthouse and the rocks into a sort of dream or memory, with its emotional content, I chose the minimalist key: through the use of an ND filter (and an adequate post-production) I physically removed some “disturbing” elements, such as sea waves and clouds, to reduce the scene to its essential elements. It is no coincidence that even the horizon is almost completely invisible: the lighthouse and the rocks on which it stands appear in a vision, disconnected from space and time, as in a sort of dream. The use of black and white allowed me to focus on the shapes and transitions of brightness, as well as on the alternation of areas rich in textures with others totally empty.
This is a fairly simple way of doing non-descriptive landscape photography.

Camera: Pentax K-3
Lens: Pentax K 200/2.5
Focal lenght: 200mm
Shutter time: 360 s
Aperture: F/8
Sensitivity: ISO100

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