Autumn fashion: a little girl in a colorful kimono during an “autumn fashion” walk in the Momijidani Park, Miyajima, Hiroshima.

Autumn fashion. The Momijidani park is one of the most famous and appreciated place in Japan to enjoy the beauty of red Momiji leaves. There I had the chance to attend a “fashion show” of a little girl; walking in a wonderful park in autumn is great, so why not catching this occasion to do it with style? So the parents have dressed up their daughter with a colorful kimono, decorated with symbols of long life and luck: needless to say that the little girl instantly became a superstar, attracting lots of tourists and photographers who wanted to capture her “cuteness”, maybe too many, judging from her mixed feelings that you can see in my shot.

Camera: Pentax K-3
Lens: SMC DA* 50-135mm F2.8 ED [IF] SDM
Focal lenght: 75mm
Shutter time: 1/160s
Aperture: F/2.8
Sensitivity: ISO400


You can read the complete article about the Momijidani Park of Miyajima at the following link:

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