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Tea culture in Japan: history, tradition and plantation of Wazuka

Tea culture in Japan: history, tradition and cultivation of the world’s most appreciated beverage. Discover the Camellia Sinensis plantations in Wazuka and experience the tea picking in a fascinating as unknown corner of Japan. Travel and Landscape photography by Claudio Beffa

Jidai Matsuri: history and tradition of Japan at the festival of the ages

Jidai Matsuri. The history of Japan comes back to life in a fascinating festival in Kyoto. Emperors, Daimyo, Shogun, Samurai, court ladies portray in a true to life parade the epochs of the land of the rising sun. An unmissable travel experience to dig into japanese culture. Travel photography by Claudio Beffa

Kii peninsula: discovering the ancient natural and sacred heart of Japan

Kii peninsula. A journey across the Kii Mountain Ranges to discover the sacred and ancient Nakahechi Kumano Pilgrimage Routes. In this spiritual heart of Japan the Hongu Taisha and Nachi Taisha shrines are the cradle of Shinto and Shugen-do. Travel photography by Claudio Beffa

Seascapes in Sardinia: Sunset at Capo Pecora

A lesser known corner of paradise in the Mediterranean sea: Sardinia. Discover the magic of sunset in Capo Pecora cliff through unique seascape photos. borns in 2012 to give shape to my passion for photography. I’ve built this website by myself, with the aim of sharing my own photographic experiences in the fields of landscape and travel: its two key components are the photoblog and the gallery.

In the blog section I tell the most significant steps of my travels, the ones which have left the mark in my memory, emotionally and as technical challenge. Among all, stand out the Japanese cultural and traditional events, or the places of beauty and history in Italy, as well as specific episodes concerning some “adventures” undertaken to discover special locations.
The gallery is divided into various sub-categories, such as traditional, natural, modern Japan, as well as classic and natural Italy; in each of them I collected my best works, which are the result of the study and the working out of every phase, from planning to photo editing but, first of all, of my curiosity and my wish to explore. Often, these are not wonderful or epic or “extreme” places, but rather familiar places, easily accessible, or for which I feel a special love; in this sense, my exploration is about the traits and the spirit of these places, that I try to interpret and to represent, according to my perception and my emotions.
Every photograph inside the gallery is accompanied by its caption, some possible details about the shooting technique or specific gear which I’ve used in that particular occasion and the EXIF data. Moreover, for some selected photos, high quality Fine Art prints are available.

Following my philosophy of sharing the passion for travel and landscape photography, it is always possible to comment on blog posts and photographs in order to exchange information or curiosities; furthermore, through the dedicated buttons, the most appreciated images or blog posts can be shared on the main social networks.
Every part of this website is easily browsable, without any ad banner or pop-up, because I prefer to let the visitors to enjoy it hassle free and because I don’t want to profit from the simple navigation of my guests.
I hope you like, as I like to update it and fill it with my passion.


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