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Jidai Matsuri: history and tradition of Japan at the festival of the ages

Jidai Matsuri. The history of Japan comes back to life in a fascinating festival in Kyoto. Emperors, Daimyo, Shogun, Samurai, court ladies portray in a true to life parade the epochs of the land of the rising sun. An unmissable travel experience to dig into japanese culture. Travel photography by Claudio Beffa

Kii peninsula: discovering the ancient natural and sacred heart of Japan

Kii peninsula. A journey across the Kii Mountain Ranges to discover the sacred and ancient Nakahechi Kumano Pilgrimage Routes. In this spiritual heart of Japan the Hongu Taisha and Nachi Taisha shrines are the cradle of Shinto and Shugen-do. Travel photography by Claudio Beffa

Seascapes in Sardinia: Sunset at Capo Pecora

A lesser known corner of paradise in the Mediterranean sea: Sardinia. Discover the magic of sunset in Capo Pecora cliff through unique seascape photos.

Garden of Ninfa: An ancient gem of romantic beauty in Italy

The Garden of Ninfa is one of the most amazing gardens in the world and a gem of romantic beauty in Italy. Discover its unique wonders


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